Sunday, July 17, 2011

States From A Car Window

Let me preface this entry by stating that we have not driven all over each of the following states. We've been traveling on interstates the whole time and so our perspectives will not be a wholly accurate representation for the whole state. Anywho!

New Jersey
Swamped with traffic due to hoards of people heading to the beach. The scenery was so-so, nothing memorable. Well except for the carnage caused by feuding factions of unicorns and ninjas. Okay that may have been a hallucination brought upon us by stifling boredom, or maybe it is a complete lie. >_>  <_<  >_>

First half was more or less the same as New Jersey’s scenic vibe. The second half had a lot of mountainous terrain, which was very pleasing to the eyes. Beautiful landscapes were spotted by patterns of clouds floating above. A couple of tunnels led us deep within the mountains, which was always fun. 

This state’s name is very fun to say, many, many times (Ohhhhh-hio, Ohiooooooo, you get the point). The terrain is pretty flat, which is probably related to the abundance of farmland along the interstate. In our opinion, the entertainment value of state's name was unable to compensate for the lackluster aesthetics of the countryside.

To tell you the truth we had no idea that we entered Indiana until we saw road signs for Indianapolis and Notre Dame. There was no sign to welcome us when we graced the state with our presence. We passed lots of corn fields on our drive. This place kind of reminded us of home, given the abundance of roadkill. One might ask, "Why did the raccoon cross the road?" Answer, "To get hit by a car." 

Just like its neighbor, we didn't notice we were in this state until we saw signs for Chicago accompanied by a very large body of freshwater (We think it's Lake Michigan).Very industrial feel to the drive, we didn't really like it. Traffic in Chicago was horrible, womp womp.That's all I have to say about that.

We liked Wisconsin. We assumed it would be nothing but farms, but we were pleasantly surprised. As soon as we entered the state, we were greeted by luscious green forests and mountainous terrain, with sparsely scattered corn fields clinging to the hillsides. After a while the mountains transformed into a flat expanse of corn and cows, broken up by the occasional clump of trees. Side note, we noticed the tree diversity has already changed from what we are accustomed to back on the East Coast..

This state is pretty much all fields as far as the eye can see, and we don't really mind it. Traffic is light, we go at our own pace. The sunset casts a beautiful hue upon the acres of crops, which would seem endless but for the intermittent stands of trees. One of the perks about this leg of our journey is that we are constantly driving into the setting sun. It is quite majestic.

We are stopping in South Dakota for the night. Badlands tomorrow, weee!

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