Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Been Real

Dear Loyal Followers,

We have had somewhat of a recent realization and furthermore decided that this just isn’t working out. Yes yes, at first everyone was having a good time. But we were young and naïve. Now we know how foolish we were behaving, and understand how a relationship like this cannot exist substantially. I’m not saying it hasn’t been fun, in fact writing the blog is crazy amounts of good times. But we are both in agreement that the mystery has been depleted from our little thing we got goin on here. It is better for everyone if we cut back for a while. We can still be friends, heck we might even post where we are, when we are there, but don’t expect any more thorough details of our exploits. You’ll have to wait until you meet us in person or talk to us on the phone for all the dirt. So you may also be wondering, “What about the photos? They’re awesome!” Well to that I say we are treating that website similarly. If we show you everything we are doing then what the heck are we going to talk about when we return! It’s all flawed. So we’ll just pick our favorite handful of pictures from places and put em up on the site. Well, what can I say? It has been a good time sharing our trip with all of you. The feedback was above fantastic and we are very glad to please everybody. But alas this is how the ball has rolled, and everyone must move on. See you in anotha life brotha.

Dan and Jay (Jay and Dan)

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  1. Uh... huh?

    This better not be the cheesy cop-out it sounds like. Grrrrrrrrr!