Friday, September 2, 2011

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

The YouTube video Top `60 Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes has entertained us way too much on this trip. Now Get to da Choppuhh!

Point Reyes

Hiked along the coast
To a spot that met a bay
Saw cool wildlife

Camped right near the beach
Walked two more miles than needed
Night sky was worth it
Muir Woods
Traveled here to beach
Saw tons of tall trees and things
Crazy sea of clouds
The rocks had great views
No access to climb Half Dome
Didn’t fall off the falls

The trees were real big
Really, extremely tall big
Sherman says hello
We went to the famed
Monterey Aquarium
That’s all I can fit
Big Sur
Beautiful coastline
Hot springs were mind boggling
Hunted coves for Jade
Los Angeles
The drivers here suck
Thanks to the folks we stayed with
We are real grateful
Joshua Tree
Quite a change of pace
Joshua trees are not trees
It was desert hot (surprise)
Hoover Dam
Was underwhelming
No mention of the damage
To nature, not pleased

Off to YeGrand Ole Canyon

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